5 Celebrities You Never Knew Had LASIK Eye Surgery

Posted on: April 18, 2017 | Vision Correction

LASIK eye surgery is not only a safe, simple, and effective procedure, it’s been trusted the world over due to its remarkable results. At Mattioli Vision Professionals, a Houston eye center, we strive to provide life-changing improvements to your eyesight from one of the city’s most experienced ophthalmologist, Dr. Fred Mattioli. Aren’t convinced yet? Even the hottest celebrities, athletes, and Hollywood A-listers are lining up to receive this state-of-the-art treatment. Here are a few of the world’s top celebrities that have experienced the freedom of LASIK.

Tiger Woods

Being one of the most successful golfers of all time, it’s safe to assume that Tiger Woods relies greatly on his eyes to achieve his award-winning performances. Knowing he needed perfect vision, he chose laser eye surgery to ensure he’ll always be on top of his game. Since then, his record-breaking achievements on the field have been a testament to the amazing results LASIK provides.

Kim Kardashian

Reality TV guru and all-around superstar Kim Kardashian also chose LASIK eye surgery to ensure she always looked flawless on the red carpet without glasses or contacts. She famously received the procedure on the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians and has been outspoken about its positive impact on her life.

Brad Pitt

Even though Brad Pitt donned spectacles and contacts for many years, it’s hard to imagine his stunning good looks hidden behind a pair of glasses. The A-list actor didn’t receive LASIK surgery until 2010. Ever since then, he’s been able to perform in action-packed movies like World War Z without worrying about whether or not a contact will slip out.

Nicole Kidman

Thankfully, Nicole Kidman didn’t have to keep her Eyes Wide Shut when they needed correction due to her nearsighted vision. The A-list celebrity received LASIK eye surgery several years ago and hasn’t looked back since. The star-studded actress once said, “I can’t believe I spent so many years blurry.” Goodbye, glasses and contacts. Hello, LASIK freedom.

William Shatner

Long after he portrayed a heroic and charismatic captain on Star Trek, William Shatner received laser eye surgery on one of his eyesand he didn’t need 23rd Century technology to achieve perfect results. The former Starfleet Captain said the procedure was “absolutely painless.” Despite not being a Vulcan, his decision to receive the procedure was a logical choice.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a celebrity to experience the flawless benefits of LASIK eye surgery in HoustonSchedule an appointment today to learn more about how our advanced bladeless treatments can help you see clearer, brighter, and greater than ever before.