Cataract Awareness Month – June

Posted on: May 31, 2014 | Cataract Surgery

What is a cataract? A cataract occurs when the normally clear natural lens inside the eye becomes cloudy. This cloudiness can cause vision problems such as blurred vision, worse day and/or night vision, difficulty with reading, and halos around lights. Cataracts are one of the most common visual disturbances in the world. Although cataracts can occur at any age, it typically occurs slowly as we age. Therefore, it more commonly becomes significant in our mid to late 60′s. It can also be caused or accelerated by certain medicines and/or medical conditions such as diabetes.

Fortunately, we can remove cataracts which may lead to much-improved vision again. In this procedure, the cloudy lens is removed and a small, new lens is placed inside the eye to help focus your vision again.

If you have or are concerned about possibly having cataracts, please call for an evaluation.