Eye Flushing Basics, Courtesy of your Houston Eye Surgeon

Posted on: December 02, 2016 | Healthy Eyes

There isn’t a single person on the face of this earth who hasn’t had shampoo slip into their eye. It’s painful, to say the least. The sweet smell of flowers and unicorn giggles does nothing to help in this situation, either. So how does one correctly flush the eyes of harsh chemicals found in shampoo and other household items? Follow these steps:

Step One: The burn Means it’s working

The first human reaction to something getting in the eyes is to rub the eyes. BIG NO-NO. You most likely have the shampoo, or whatever product squeezed into your eye, on your hands as well. Rubbing will only make the stinging more intense, and cause damage. This is why the first step is to remain calm, and get your emotions in check. You’re not helping yourself by absentmindedly freaking out over the pain, and making irrational strides to rectify the situation.

Step Two: Make Eye Contact With the Water

Once again, refrain from touching the eyes with your hands. You do not need your hand to open your eyes (at least we hope not), therefore there is no use for them in this stage of writhing pain. Tilt your head into the stream of the lukewarm water, and open your eyes. Yes, it hurts. We know. However, this is the only way the chemicals will be flushed from your eye. Shutting your eyelids as if they were a vault is only going to keep the chemical in the eye area, thus being counterintuitive. It is recommended that you keep your eye open undeye-shower-98581_960_720er the water for 20 minutes while the water works its magic.

Step Three: Get Handsy

NOW you can use your hands, but only after washing them thoroughly. Use soap and water to wash your hands, and your lower arms to make sure all of the chemical remnants are flushed down the drain. The key here is to triple rinse your hands, and fully dry them. After all of the washing, rinsing, and drying is complete, we give you permission to touch your eye.

Step Four: Make Contact With Your Contact Lenses

If you didn’t get Houston LASIK eye surgery, and your contact lenses are tougher than a nail and didn’t budge a bit while you were gazing into the steady stream of water, now is the time to take them out. We don’t recommend storing and reusing the lenses after an instance like this. While your eye may feel better, remaining chemical particles can hang onto the lens, thus making it unsafe to put back in the eye. Discard the chemical bathed pair, allow your eyes to rest, and bust out a new pair of faux peepers.

Step Five: Eye Inspection

Give your eye a good looksie. While something like shampoo isn’t going to make you blind (at least we hope not), other chemicals can have threatening effects on the eyes and general vision. Is something looks even remotely off, go to the nearest emergency room for help. While the damage may be irreversible, a Houston eye surgery may be able to reverse some damage.

Moral of the Story:

Try your best to avoid getting any chemical laden substances in your eye. It happens to the best of us regardless of how careful we are with our vision, but these steps will help reduce any damage that might come about from the chemical encounter. Always wear eye protection, and visit your Houston eye surgeon if you need additional help.