Is Swimming Safe After LASIK?

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When you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, you may wonder if you’re a LASIK eye surgery candidate. At Mattioli Vision Professionals, Dr. Fred Mattioli evaluates his patients throughout Houston, TX to determine if they are a candidate for this laser vision correction surgery. There are several factors that play into this important decision, not just a patient’s prescription. He will examine your eye health to make a professional decision on your eligibility for LASIK.

Who are the best LASIK eye surgery candidates?

There are a few requirements for LASIK eye surgery. Not meeting them could mean that you are not eligible. Ideal candidates:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Are in good general health and take no medication that compromises the immune system

  • Are not pregnant or nursing

  • Have a healthy cornea and adequate cornea thickness

  • Have no active eye disease

  • Have at least 20/40 vision with prescription glasses or contacts

  • Have a stable eyeglass prescription for at least six months

Dr. Mattioli will conduct a thorough examination of his patients to make an informed decision on their eligibility. Most patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism can expect positive results from LASIK when they meet surgery requirements. There is no maximum age for LASIK, but the overall health of your eyes is considered closely. For patients with glaucoma or cataracts, LASIK isn’t for you. For patients over 40, presbyopia may come into play, which can affect how your lens can see close up.

What to expect during a LASIK eye evaluation?

At Mattioli Vision Professionals, we will ask you health questions to learn about your candidacy for LASIK eye surgery. We will ask about your medical, surgical, and eye health history, why you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, the medications you’re taking, and your family’s medical history of eye problems.

Next, Dr. Mattioli will perform different LASIK tests. This procedure will scan your eyes for measurements that help him determine your LASIK eligibility. Some tests that you may have during this eye consultation include:

  1. Dry eye testing: This testing helps him to evaluate if pre-procedure dry eye treatment is necessary to prepare your eyes for surgery.

  2. Pupil testing: Pupil testing allows him to see how your reflexes react to light.

  3. Corneal topography: This maps out the surface of your cornea. Pachymetry helps him decide if you have enough corneal thickness for LASIK.

  4. Keratometry: During this test, he looks at the shape and radius of your cornea.

  5. Wavefront analysis: Wavefront analysis measures how light bounces off the back of your eyes.

What can LASIK fix?

LASIK surgery has been proven to correct different refractive errors. This is how the eye focuses on light, and with errors, it has trouble doing so.

Some refractive errors that LASIK eye surgery can help correct include:

  • Myopia: Nearsightedness occurs when you can see near but cannot see far

  • Hyperopia: Farsightedness is when you can see far away but cannot see objects that are nearby

  • Astigmatism: Astigmatism causes blurred vision at all distances

  • Presbyopia: This is the normal loss of focusing ability that occurs as someone ages, usually after age 40

Is swimming safe after LASIK?

Dr. Mattioli recommends refraining from all water activities for one week after LASIK eye surgery. After one week, you can swim in a chlorinated pool, but with goggles. After two weeks, he allows you to sit in a hot tub or do low-impact water activities, including kayaking or snorkeling. Three weeks after your laser vision correction surgery, you can do all water sports, but only while wearing protective eye gear. After one month post-op, you can swim without goggles and open your eyes underwater. However, we do recommend protecting your eyes from UV rays anytime you’re outdoors, especially in the six weeks following your LASIK eye surgery.

Learn if you’re a LASIK surgery candidate in Houston, TX

When you’re interested in laser eye surgery in Houston, TX, Dr. Fred Mattioli can evaluate your eye health to determine your candidacy for surgery. At Mattioli Vision Professionals, we determine LASIK candidacy on an individual basis while taking into account each patient’s eye and general health, as well as other factors that may influence the success of your eye surgery. To schedule an in-person or online consultation to discuss LASIK eye surgery, call our office today. We serve patients throughout Woodlands, Sugar Land, River Oaks, and West University.

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