Dr. Fred Mattioli

Your Houston Ophthalmologist: Dr. Mattioli

Posted on: August 24, 2018 | General

For over 18 years, Dr. Fred Mattioli has provided quality surgical options for those seeking clearer eyesight. During this time, he’s performed over 45,000 laser refractive treatments and hundreds of cataract procedures, as well as other cosmetic procedures. Not only is he board-certified by the American Board of Physician Specialties in Ophthalmology, he’s managed to carve out a name for himself as a premium Houston Ophthalmologist that offers personalized eye care. So, we’ve seen his outstanding work, but what makes the man tick? In this month’s blog, we take a deep dive into his passions, hobbies, weekend activities, and personal history.

Dr. Mattioli’s love for eyes and ophthalmology began at an early age. Since the age of 12, he longed for a vision solution without glasses or contacts. As he made his way through medical school, he was fascinated by the surgical and clinical aspects of ophthalmology. After learning about the benefits from his patients, he decided to undertake the procedure himself. Moreover, Dr. Mattioli was always interested in the advancements of laser technology, further compelling him to enter the field.

Above all, Dr. Mattioli is dedicated to providing high-quality care for all of his patients. From consultation to postoperative visits, he has made it a priority to make them feel welcome while offering expert care. Being a LASIK patient himself for over 20 years, Dr. Mattioli makes an effort to educate others on its lifelong benefits. In addition, he is committed to acquiring the latest laser technology for LASIK and PRK, providing his patients with an even greater level of care.

How does an expert Houston ophthalmologist spend his free time? Among his many different hobbies, Dr. Mattioli is always up for a game of soccer, basketball, or other sports activities. Before he received LASIK surgery, he struggled to enjoy an active lifestyle and is thankful for the freedom its granted him. When he’s not playing a game with friends, you might him relaxing with a guitar on a quiet evening.

To Dr. Mattioli, there’s not one type of ideal weekend. Thankfully, there’s 52 of them to enjoy throughout the year, giving him the freedom to partake in a wide variety of experiences. On one weekend you might find him relaxing with family, while another might include a spontaneous trip to Galveston. Indeed, as long as he’s with family or in good company, Dr. Mattioli is content with spending his weekend any way the wind blows.

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