Understanding Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is a simple, safe, and painless procedure that corrects your vision using advanced laser technology. Since 1995, this procedure has been performed over 20 million times and is an effective alternative to prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. Furthermore, LASIK eye surgery in Houston is even safer and far more professional due to our city’s world-renowned physicians and medical center.

For those dealing with nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism, LASIK could be the perfect treatment option. This state-of-the-art procedure is virtually painless, and it allows many patients to achieve 20/20 vision.

To decide whether or not the LASIK procedure is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mattioli. During this consultation, he will evaluate the thickness and shape of your cornea and your eye’s ability to produce moisture. For the two weeks preceding this consultation, you should abstain from wearing contacts as they actually alter the shape of your cornea

To prepare patients for the procedure, numbing eye drops will be administered. Then the patient’s eyes will be cleaned and propped open with a lid speculum.

First, a thin flap of corneal tissue is created either by a highly specialized instrument known as a microkeratome or by a laser light source. This thin flap is then lifted like a contact lens and a laser light is used to reshape the outer areas of the cornea. Depending on the patient’s condition, the surgeon will adjust the shape of the cornea accordingly. For nearsighted individuals, the cornea is flattened. For farsighted individuals, the cornea is steepened. For individuals dealing with astigmatism, the irregular shape of the cornea is corrected. These adjustments ensure that light is properly focused on the retina.

After the cornea is reshaped, the flap is then laid back to its original position, and its newly formed curvature properly refocuses light without the use of eyeglasses or contacts.

The LASIK procedure only takes 10-15 minutes.

After the numbing drops wear off, patients may experience a mild itching and burning sensation. It’s important, however, that patients refrain from rubbing their eyes to avoid damaging the healing corneal flap.

Although many patients experience hazy or blurry vision immediately after treatment, they generally have clear and improved vision by the next day. Most patients can resume normal activities such as working and driving the day after their procedure.

To avoid infection, women should refrain from wearing makeup or applying lotions near their eyes for up to two weeks following surgery.

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More Details

LASIK Eye Surgery is Safe & Painless

LASIK eye surgery is not only commonplace and effective, it is a safe procedure with a minimal risk of complications.

You Won’t Lose Your Eyesight

The FDA has never reported a case where a patient has lost their eyesight due to a LASIK procedure

No Pain Involved

LASIK eye surgery is a painless procedure. Most patients only feel a few moments of slight pressure

No Scalpels

Our innovative bladeless LASIK procedure ensures even fewer complications due to our advanced laser technology

Perfect Results

All of our LASIK patients have experienced drastic visual improvements

Results You Can See

Freedom from glasses and contacts

Imagine waking up in the morning with clear, crisp vision; no more reaching for your glasses first thing in the morning or waking up early to put in contact lenses. With the LASIK procedure, you can free yourself from expensive glasses and frustrating contacts lenses.

Sizable Savings

Compared to the amount people spend on contact lenses and/or eyeglasses over a lifetime, laser eye surgery is a worthy investment. Excluding exam fees, each new pair of glasses can cost up to $150 – $500, which can accumulate to $2,500 over 10 years. For contacts, people can spend up to $250 – $300 during a single year, which comes out to $2,500 – $3,000 over 10 years.  Learn more about the cost of LASIK and how LASIK eye surgery in Houston can grant you financial freedom from glasses and/or contacts.

Why MVP for Lasik Eye Surgery?

Dr. Fred Mattioli has performed over 50,000 LASIK procedures throughout his lengthy career and is board-certified by the American Board of Physician Specialties in Ophthalmology. Dr. Mattioli and our staff are also dedicated to providing a more personal experience to ensure you receive the exceptional care you deserve. After all, your eyes are the windows to your world.

In addition to our experienced, board-certified doctor and extraordinary staff, here are a few other reasons to choose Mattioli Vision Professionals: