10 Lifestyle Benefits of LASIK & SMILE

“I am glad I did SMILE at Mattioli Vision. Ive been taken care of by Mattioli team before and after the surgery. Special thanks to Jenny who helped me understand the process and answered all questions I had. I will recommend Dr. Mattioli and his team.”
– MinShan Chen

Michael Bow’s SMILE Journey

LASIK/SMILE is dangerous

FALSE. While there are known potential side effects, such as dryness and halos/glare at night, with modern lasers and techniques (especially SMILE) these are usually temporary, and most patients have less of these symptoms than wearing contact lenses. In fact there are no reported cases of blindness in the U.S. from LASIK or SMILE. Complications from the procedure can usually be managed with follow-up care.

Everyone is a LASIK candidate

FALSE. LASIK can yield excellent results when performed on the right patient, but it is not for everyone. If you have uncontrolled collagen vascular, an autoimmune disease, or an immunodeficiency disease, and your body’s healing ability is compromised, you should avoid LASIK.

Additionally, if you are pregnant or nursing, experiencing corneal thinning, or taking medications with eye-related side effects, you should not get LASIK. When in doubt, check with your doctor.

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