Houston, TX | Sean Jones: The Customized Solution | Mattioli Vision Professionals

Sean Jones further elaborates on how Dr. Mattioli and his staff fine-tuned the process to ensure he was a good candidate and the procedure would be customized to him.

So we going through the consultation, and we figured out what kind of LASIK surgery that I'll need. And then we have to go through a process of now fine-tuning it. And that's what I've been doing.

You've heard me talk about it time and time again, out of necessity, to make sure that the surgery is specific to me. And at that entailed playing with different combinations of what my eye needs would be, not just during the day when I'm at work or if I'm at school, but at night when you're driving. There's so many different combinations that need to be tweaked to make sure that you when you're having the surgery, you do have your LASIK surgery. That is the proper surgery that mimics what you're going to need to have the quality of life that you want to.