Houston, TX | Sean Jones: The Detailed Plan | Mattioli Vision Professionals

Wit the help of Dr. Mattioli Sean Jones, a former football player, received the confidence he needed to take on LASIK eye surgery and finally lose the glasses and contacts.

If there's anything I could tell you about Dr. Mattioli and his staff, they are perfectionists. I brag on them all the time. I said he has hands your eyes can trust. And I mean that. By that I mean that if you're going to have someone operate on you, you have to trust that person. They're your eyes. You only have two of them. And so that's why we went through this process. That's why we took our time. That's why we went through the consultation. That's why we tweaked it. We took even more time. And now I'm ready to have my surgery. Hey, I'm ready for my close up.