Surgical Options for Patients with Cataracts

If cataracts have affected your ability to see clearly, you may be considering surgical options to restore your vision. Our houston cataract surgery specialist can often provide practical solutions to help you see better. By working with a qualified Houston laser eye surgery professional, you can achieve the best possible results when looking to correct your vision. The entire team at Mattioli Vision Professionals is dedicated to providing you with top-quality care and personal attention at every stage of your treatment. Here are four key facts every patient should know about the Houston cataract surgery process.

Cataract Surgery Is an Outpatient Procedure

Usually performed under local anesthesia, cataract surgery process takes about an hour to complete. If you require cataract surgery on both eyes, your physician may ask you to schedule separate surgical procedures to ensure the greatest degree of safety for you throughout your treatment. While vigorous physical activities should be avoided for about one week after your cataract surgery, you can usually return to work a day or two after your surgery.

Advanced Equipment Reduces Recovery Times

During the cataract removal process, your Houston eye surgeon Dr. Mattioli will use state-of-the-art equipment to break up your lens into small fragments. He will then use a gentle aspiration device to remove all the small fragments. This process allows the entire surgery to be performed through one small incision, allowing your eye to heal more quickly and reducing your discomfort after the process. Our Houston cataract eye team uses this technologically advanced equipment to perform your procedure working towards the best results for you.

Most Patients Receive a Replacement Lens

Intraocular lenses have been in use in the ophthalmology field since the 1980s. These implants are designed to replace the natural lens and to improve the vision of patients after cataract surgery. These lenses are permanent and can be configured to provide significant vision correction, making them a worry-free and convenient way to see better after your procedure, allowing you to enjoy the greatest degree of comfort and customization for your eye care regimen.

Cataract Surgery Can Be Combined with LASIK

Houston LASIK surgery procedures can be combined with cataract removal and implantation of intraocular lenses to provide you with the clearest possible vision. Because LASIK shapes the cornea of your eye, the intraocular lens implant usually presents no barrier to these advanced vision correction options. Discussing your plans with your Houston eye surgeon can help you make the right choices for your eyes and your lifestyle.

The dedicated medical personnel at Mattioli Vision Professionals can provide you with an extensive array of Houston cataract surgery options designed specifically to address your issues. Our vision correction strategies can help you look and see your best every day of the year. Call our offices today at 713-776-3937 to set up your appointment and to learn more about your options to treat cataracts and restore clearer vision for you.