Common Symptoms of Cataracts: Know the Early Warning Signs

Because cataracts develop gradually, the early warning signs of this condition may go unnoticed. Understanding the symptoms of cataracts can help you to avoid issues when driving and performing other visual tasks. At Mattioli Vision Professionals, we are committed to providing top-quality eye care for patients with cataracts and other vision-impairing conditions. We are a leading Houston laser eye surgery provider with a proven reputation for outstanding results. Here are five of the most common symptoms to watch for if you suspect that you may have cataracts.

Cloudy Vision

If the world gradually begins to look a little darker, it may not be the weather or your mood. Many patients with cataracts report blurring and cloudiness that becomes worse over time. Cataracts can also cause objects to appear yellowed or dim, especially in low light.

Double Vision in a Single Eye

Most cases of double vision involve a mismatch between the focus of two eyes. If you are experiencing double vision in just one eye, however, you should consult with a Houston eye surgeon to determine the cause of this issue. Double vision in a single eye can be a symptom of a number of different conditions, including the following:

  • Keratoconus, a progressive condition that results in changes to the shape of your cornea
  • Infections of the eye
  • Cataracts
  • Injuries and scarring to eye tissues

When cataracts are the culprit, opaque patches on the lens are usually to blame. In many cases, scheduling an appointment with a physician who specializes in Houston cataract surgery can provide increased information on the treatment options available to you in the modern medical marketplace.

Increased Sensitivity to Bright Lights

Many patients with cataracts report an increased sensitivity to bright lights and to glare reflecting off bright surfaces and other materials. Sometimes light sensitivity or halos can be early warning signs of cataracts. By reporting these symptoms promptly to your eye care professional, you may be able to address cataract issues more quickly.

Reduced Ability to See at Night

Cataracts can also block light from entering the eye through the lens. This can make it difficult to see at night and can limit the ability of cataract patients to drive during the evening, night and early morning hours. This can have a significant impact on personal independence and mobility and could limit the entertainment and work options available to some individuals.

Frequent Changes in Eyeglass Prescriptions

If you are experiencing a rapid decline in the quality of your vision that requires frequent changes in the strength of your contact lens or eyeglass prescription, it may be worthwhile to undergo testing for cataracts. This condition can cause increasing blurriness and reduced visual acuity.

At Mattioli Vision Professionals, we offer cataract eye surgery solutions that include cataract surgery, LASIK procedures and other vision correction options. If you think you may have cataracts, give us a call at 713-776-3937 to discuss your eye care needs with one of our healthcare professionals. We look forward to hearing from you.