Houston Laser Surgery - ICL Implants

The ICL looks like a contact lens. This special lens rests inside the eye rather than outside like a regular lens. It doesn’t have to be cleaned or maintained in any way. It is even possible to remove it if needed. This ability is not an option with laser surgery such as LASIK and PRK. If you have been told you are not a candidate for laser treatment, come see us for an ICL evaluation.

ICL technology has a long history in eye surgery – approximately 20 years. It is so advanced that our military uses it for active duty soldiers exposed to the toughest conditions you might imagine.

Additionally, it has been shown to provide superior night vision results compared to lasers.

Dr. Mattioli first worked with lens implants for vision correction during his fellowship training 14 years ago in Argentina. It has been approved in the US since 2005.

  • Track Record of Safety
  • Reversibility
  • Outstanding Results