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The Implantable Collamer (Contact) Lens procedure performed by Dr. Mattioli can produce exceptional outcomes in vision quality, comfort, and an improved lifestyle with freedom from contact lenses and glasses. Dr. Mattioli initially worked with this lens in 2000 and it was approved by the FDA in 2005.

Picture going from this to this. Well, that's the difference between poor vision and the power of HD vision with the Visian ICL. Glasses, contacts and LASIK all have their limitations and inconveniences, but when you're ready to break free of those limitations and enter into the next generation of vision correction technology, take a look at Visian ICL. The Visian ICL is a highly advanced lens that's gently placed in the eye for maximum comfort and lasting results. And unlike LASIK, which removes eye tissue, the Visian ICL procedure is additive, requiring nothing to be removed. With Visian ICL, there's also no dry eye and most people can see immediately after the procedure. LASIK is also permanent whereas with the Visian ICL, the implant can be removed should you need future vision procedures.

Visian ICL is FDA approved, has a 99% satisfaction rate and is built to last because they are constructed of 100% biocompatible collamer. Like LASIK and all other eye procedures, there are risks involved with Visian ICL. The chances of serious complications are relatively small and most can be resolved. Improving your vision means improving your life and seeing the world in HD is how it should be seen. So when you're ready to go beyond LASIK, glasses or contact and turn to a premium technology that produces HD quality vision designed to last, is FDA approved, safe, and has the potential to improve your lifestyle, you're ready for Visian ICL.