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At Mattioli Vision Professionals by IQ Laser Vision, we’re proud to be your trusted provider of LASIK, ICL, and other advanced vision correction surgery. Led by Dr. Fred Mattioli, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care and achieving optimal results for every patient. 

No matter your age, eye health, or budget, we have a solution to help improve your vision. We’ll work with you to find the most suitable and affordable option to meet your needs.

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Vision Correction Services
Multiple Laser Eye Surgery Options
Laser eye surgery is one of the best options for most patients between ages 18 and 40. We provide a variety of laser vision correction options so you can find the best fit for your vision and lifestyle.
  • LASIK: This established procedure uses a laser to reshape your cornea and create clear vision. We also offer All Laser Soft Touch Comfort Micro-LASIK®, which provides greater comfort and lowers the chance of complications.
  • SMILE: This innovative technique provides the same results as LASIK but is minimally invasive and has a fast recovery time, ideal for highly active patients.
  • PRK: Suitable for patients with thin corneas or those who are highly active, PRK is a safe alternative for patients who aren’t candidates for LASIK.
Prescription Lens Implants for Permanent Correction

Implantable contact lenses offer an excellent, long-term alternative to traditional laser surgery. Experience the world in stunning detail with permanent vision correction!

  • EVO Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL): This tiny lens sits behind the iris, correcting nearsightedness or astigmatism for exceptional clarity. Unlike LASIK, it’s suitable for a wide range of ages, eye conditions, and prescriptions. This is best for patients aged 18 to 45. It can also be removed if ever needed.
  • Permanent Prescription Lens Replacement: This procedure replaces your natural lens with an advanced permanent implant, correcting both near and far vision, and potentially eliminating your need for reading glasses.
  • Light Adjustable Lenses: These incredibly innovative lenses provide unparalleled customization, as their prescription can be actively adjusted up to four times with a special UV light while the lenses are in your eyes.
Affordable Pterygium/Carnosidad Removal
Pterygium growths, also known as carnosidad en los ojos, are common in Houston. These growths can irritate your eye and blur your vision, so they need to be removed by an ophthalmologist. Watch Dr. Mattioli explain this condition here – vídeo en español. If you are concerned about the cost of pterygium/carnosidad treatment, we are here to help. We offer affordable options for you, including flexible financing plans.
Treatment for Eye Conditions and Diseases

If you have concerns about vision changes or deteriorating eye health, we can assess, diagnose, and help treat a number of serious eye conditions at our Houston office. This includes cataract removal, innovative keratoconus treatments like corneal collagen cross-linking, and expert care for eye diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma.

Trusted and Experienced Ophthalmologist - Dr. Fred Mattioli
Dr. Mattioli is one of Houston’s most experienced and acclaimed ophthalmologists, with over 20 years of experience in surgical vision correction. He has personally performed over 75,000 successful procedures.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Dr. Mattioli meets with all of his patients personally before their procedure. His goal is to optimize your long-term vision by choosing the best advanced vision correction option for your specific needs.

Virydiana Ortega
Virydiana Ortega
March 18, 2024
Yo tuve LASIK- Una experiencia única Agradesida con Dios y las manos bendecidas del Dr.Mattioli Que bello es volver a recuperar tu vista 20-20 Gracias por el lindo servicio 100% RECOMENDADO.
Ayanna Weeks
Ayanna Weeks
March 4, 2024
I had the EVO ICL procedure and everything was so smooth! I was very nervous before the procedure but the staff definitely helps calm the nerves. Dr. Mattioli provided swift and excellent treatment during the surgery. Very thankful and happy to not need glasses again!
Mary xu
Mary xu
February 26, 2024
sal guajardo
sal guajardo
February 24, 2024
Where can I start? I’ve been wearing glasses since the age of 4, I’m 28 now. I recently got done ICL on both eyes and LASIK touch up on right eye! I’m seeing HD , never would’ve I imagined a life without glasses, I’m so thankful for Dr. Mattioli for giving me the freedom from glasses! Lovely staff and amazing care! I recommend this to my friends and family! Thank you Dr. Mattioli!
Lori Stoddard
Lori Stoddard
January 23, 2024
My lens replacement surgery is a miracle. Both my near and far distance are now esentially close to perfect. The procedures were smooth and very professional. Thank you Dr Mattioli! I’m thankful I was referred to you!
MinShan Chen
MinShan Chen
January 9, 2024
I am glad I did SMILE at Mattioli Vision. I’ve been taken care of by Mattioli team before and after the surgery. Special thanks to Jenny who helped me understand the process and answered all questions I had. I will recommend Dr. Mattioli and his team.
Brian Li
Brian Li
January 9, 2024
I recently underwent ICL surgery at Dr. Mattioli's clinic, and I am thoroughly impressed with the exceptional care provided by the staff and the professional skills of Dr. Mattioli. From the moment I walked in, the team made me feel at ease, and their attention to detail was evident throughout the process. Dr. Mattioli's expertise and precision during the surgery reassured me that I was in capable hands. If you speak Chinese, you can always speak to Jenny for any kinds of help. I highly recommend Dr. Mattioli's clinic for anyone seeking top-notch eye care.
Stacy Watts
Stacy Watts
January 8, 2024
I got the EVO ICL procedure and not only was the staff and Dr. Mattioli very helpful in explaining the process beforehand, when I had the procedure it was very quick and everyone was willing to explain anything along the way. I went from vision that stopped about a 1” from the end of my nose (~20/400), to 20/20 within 1 hour of the procedure. The recovery was pretty easy and I was able to drive the day after surgery. 100% recommend Dr. Mattioli and his amazing staff!
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