Eye Floaters

Eye Floaters Treatment in Houston

Eye Floaters Treatment in Houston
Eye floaters occur when small pieces of the vitreous gel inside your eye detach and float into your field of vision. They may appear like small gray or black specks or cobwebs. Most of the time, eye floaters are small, and you can see around them by turning your head or moving your eyes from side to side. However, if you have large or numerous floaters, you may experience impaired vision that affects your everyday activities.

If you’re noticing more frequent floaters obstructing your vision, schedule a consultation with us for a full and accurate assessment.

Treatment Options for Eye Floaters

Most of the time, eye floaters are relatively harmless and don’t need to be treated. The majority of floaters eventually reduce on their own within 6 months.

However, if they begin to get worse, they could be warning signs of damage to your eyes. A sudden increase in the number of floaters, especially when accompanied by flashing lights or a loss of peripheral vision, can indicate a detached retina or bleeding inside your eye.

Given the seriousness of this potential eye damage, it’s recommended to get an accurate assessment from an experienced ophthalmologist to determine if there is any underlying condition that needs to be treated right away.

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