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When are Progressive Lens Implants Needed?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 09/23/2021

Progressive lens implants are used for those with severe vision issues and those who cannot get laser treatment.


What Refractive Errors Can be Corrected With LASIK?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 08/26/2021

LASIK eye surgery can fix many common refractive errors that you may suffer from.


Can Keratoconus Be Fixed?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 07/21/2021

There are multiple treatments that can help fix the symptoms of keratoconus, but without treatment the damage sustained can be permanent.


SMILE vs. LASIK. What's the Difference?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 06/15/2021

Whether it’s SMILE or LASIK, Dr. Mattioli will find the best vision correction surgery for you.


What to Expect Before and After Your LASIK Surgery

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 05/13/2021

Being prepared about LASIK recovery and possible side effects is important when making a decision about eye surgery.


I Am Nearsighted. Will SMILE Improve My Vision?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 04/30/2021

Nearsighted vision causes objects far away to appear blurry. Discover the advantages of SMILE laser eye surgery and how it treats nearsightedness.


Could Blurred Vision be a Sign of Something More Serious?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 04/27/2021

Blurred vision may be the sign of an underlying health condition. Learn about the causes of sudden blurred vision as well as your treatment options.


How Quick Can Keratoconus Progress?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 04/17/2021

Keratoconus eye disease causes blurred vision and progresses at different rates, and is unpredictable.


Is Swimming Safe After LASIK?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 04/10/2021

During a LASIK eye consultation, an eye surgeon can review post-op instructions with you.


Can Farsighted Vision Be Passed Down in the Family?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 03/30/2021

Farsighted vision can make tasks like reading difficult. Learn whether your farsighted vision problems are caused by age or genetics in our clinic.


Will SMILE Limit Your Need for Glasses?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 03/21/2021

SMILE vision correction can treat refractive errors, like nearsightedness, and some cases of astigmatism. Learn about advanced laser eye surgery here.


When is Keratoconus Treatment Necessary?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 03/13/2021

Keratoconus affects the shape of the cornea, leading to refractive errors. Learn when to seek advanced keratoconus treatment options in our clinic.


Are You Too Old For LASIK Eye Surgery?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 03/03/2021

Is there a LASIK age limit? Learn whether you qualify for laser eye surgery to treat common refractive errors like nearsightedness and astigmatism.


How is SMILE Vision Correction Performed?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 02/27/2021

SMILE vision correction can treat nearsightedness so you can see clearly. See how this flapless laser eye surgery works when visiting our clinic.


Does Astigmatism Affect Eyesight in Adults?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 02/22/2021

Do you have astigmatism? Discover the signs to look out for and long-term treatment solutions at Mattioli Vision Professionals.


What is Keratoconus and How Does it Impair Vision?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 02/12/2021

Keratoconus can lead to symptoms like blurred vision and sensitivity to light. Learn about several keratoconus treatment options to gain clear vision.


Can Dry Eye Syndrome Affect Your Candidacy for LASIK?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 02/05/2021

Patients with dry eye syndrome may not be candidates for LASIK, but options are available. Learn about LASIK and dry eyes with an assessment today.


LASIK vs. SMILE Eye Surgery

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 10/16/2019

LASIK surgery has been the go-to way to free yourself from glasses, but a new procedure has taken center stage: SMILE laser eye surgery.


Between PRK or LASIK, Which is Better?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 09/29/2019

Between PRK or LASIK, Which is Better?


How Long Does LASIK Last?

Dr. Fred Mattioli | 08/22/2019

LASIK can last a lifetime, 20 years, or 10 years.


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