Good LASIK Candidate

What Makes a Good LASIK Candidate: Qualifying Factors

Posted on: February 21, 2019 | General, Lasik Eye Surgery

When dealing with vision correction, there are a number of routes that you can take. Among contacts, glasses, and even implantable lenses, there is an option available to patients that would bar the need for all of these choices: the LASIK procedure. When deciding if laser eye surgery is right for you, your doctor will […]

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Treating Glaucoma: The Trabeculectomy Procedure

Posted on: January 22, 2019 | General

The trabeculectomy procedure is a glaucoma surgery performed to relieve intraocular pressure. This is done by targeting the upper eyelid trabecular meshwork and preventing the aqueous humor from draining too quickly. This surgical procedure is done mostly on those who have found that laser surgery was not successful in fixing their serious eye problems. While […]

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LASIK cost

The Road to 20/20 Vision: LASIK Cost

Posted on: December 21, 2018 | Lasik Eye Surgery

Figuring out the cost of LASIK eye surgery is an important step in planning for laser vision correction. There are many factors to consider when deciding on LASIK that can help you understand the costs better, as well as help you justify the cost associated with this procedure. We can help you answer the question: […]

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Michael Connor Testimonial

Is LASIK Worth It? My Experience: Michael Connor

Posted on: November 30, 2018 | Lasik Eye Surgery

Local sports radio host, Michael Connor, recently decided it was time for LASIK. After years of having to wear glasses and contacts, Connor chose to weigh his options for 20/20 vision with Dr. Mattioli. Is LASIK worth it? Connor gives us the inside scoop on his procedure and the team at Mattioli Vision Professionals. “He […]

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What is a Pterygium

What is a Pterygium, and How Can You Prevent It?

Posted on: October 26, 2018 | General, Healthy Eyes

Have you ever noticed a long pink bump developing in the corner of your eye? You may have a pterygium. But what is pterygium? In order to inform people affected by this common eye condition, we’ve answered a few questions frequently asked about it. At Mattioli Vision Professionals, we take eye care seriously. If you […]

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Can LASIK Fix Astigmatism?

Can LASIK Fix Astigmatism?

Posted on: September 26, 2018 | Lasik Eye Surgery

Can LASIK fix astigmatism? Short answer: Yes—yes, it can. Astigmatism affects nearly 33% of the population in the U.S. That’s a staggering number to consider. Thankfully, it’s a highly treatable condition despite it being commonplace. For years now, people with astigmatism have sought out refractive surgery as a safe and effective way to treat their […]

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Dr. Fred Mattioli

Your Houston Ophthalmologist: Dr. Mattioli

Posted on: August 24, 2018 | General

For over 18 years, Dr. Fred Mattioli has provided quality surgical options for those seeking clearer eyesight. During this time, he’s performed over 45,000 laser refractive treatments and hundreds of cataract procedures, as well as other cosmetic procedures. Not only is he board-certified by the American Board of Physician Specialties in Ophthalmology, he’s managed to […]

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LASIK vs Glasses

LASIK vs. Glasses

Posted on: July 25, 2018 | Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK vs. glasses—If you need vision correction, odds are you’ve had to weigh these options and discern their pros and cons. Which option is cheaper in the long run? Overall, which option is best for you? In order to find the best vision correction solution for you, we highly recommend visiting your local ophthalmologist, but […]

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How to treat sunburned eyes

How to Treat Sunburned Eyes

Posted on: June 25, 2018 | Healthy Eyes

You may ask yourself, what are sunburned eyes? How does one get sunburned eyes? When we think of sunburns, it’s commonly associated with the skin, but our eyes are not immune to the UV rays emitted from the sun. Also known as photokeratitis, sunburned eyes are the result of prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays […]

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Vitamin D and Vision

Vitamin D and Vision

Posted on: May 25, 2018 | Healthy Eyes

We’ve all heard before that we need our vitamins to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but recent studies suggest that vitamin D can limit your risk for severe eye conditions. It’s certainly not a surprise since this essential vitamin affects nearly every aspect of the body. Indeed, vitamin D and vision are closely linked, and through […]

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