How Cold Weather Can Affect Your Eyes

Goodbye warm weather. Hello eye issues.

In Houston, TX, we don’t have to worry about getting a blizzard anytime soon, but we do receive our fair share of chilly weather from time to time. For many, it’s a welcomed reprieve from our relentless summers, but colder weather can have positive and negative impacts on our health – especially our eyes. At Mattioli Vision Professionals, a Houston, TX eye center, we want you to have the healthiest eyes possible, no matter the current weather. To ensure your peepers are in tip-top shape, here are a few things to expect this fall and winter.

They’ll Feel Dry

Colder months are often dry in nature and aside from occasionally using chapstick, you may want to apply a few eye drops. Due to low humidity, your lips, skin, and eyes are prone to drying out. To combat this, we recommend running a humidifier in your home and consuming more omega-3. Over time, dry eyes can cause redness, burning sensations, blurred vision, and even permanent damage. If you experience dry eyes regularly, you may have insufficient tears.

Redness May Occur

Cold air and other hard weather conditions may cause redness in your eyes, as well as inflammation and general tenderness. Redness is usually caused by dry eyes, allergies, and other seasonal elements. After a while, you may start to experience spasms or swelling. We recommend applying a damp cloth over your eyes and taking some aspirin. If the redness still persists, you should schedule an appointment with an eye doctor.

You’ll Experience Altered Vision

We may never experience this in Texas, but extremely cold weather can actually change the way you see. Due to blocked blood vessels in the eye, some people experience blurred or double vision when exposed to low temperatures. If you ever experience these conditions, we recommend seeking out warm shelter immediately.