Woman having her eyes examined

Caring for yourself after LASIK extends past wearing sunglasses after your procedure. While LASIK complications are very rare, it is important to take appropriate measures to reduce the risk of infection following your LASIK procedure. For example, it is important to know how to wash your face after LASIK properly in order to give your eyes the best chance at healing without infection from bacteria.

Tips to Washing Your Face After LASIK

  1. If you typically use a face wash scrub, switch to a smooth and gentle face wash.
  2. When you go to wash your face, take extra care to not come into contact with your eyes, using gentle, controlled circular motions in only the areas you want to clean.
  3. Avoid splashing anything in your eyes, and do not rub your eyes after cleaning your face.
  4. When you go to pat your face dry, avoid your eyelids and the area around your eyes. Instead, allow this area to air dry. You will want to follow this process for at least 2-3 weeks after your procedure.

What To Avoid After LASIK Eye Surgery

In addition to not rubbing your eyes after your procedure, you should take care to stay away from the pool, hot tub, or other large bodies of water. Chemicals in pools and hot tubs can irritate the eyes, slow down the healing process, and inflame the eyes. Natural bodies of water like a lake or ocean can also irritate the eyes and introduce harmful bacteria that can cause infection.

Following most LASIK procedures, a common and harmless symptom that is experienced by most is dry eye. This symptom caused by laser vision correction is temporary, but should still be attended to for your comfort and for the health of your eyes. Prescription artificial tears, or eye drops, are safe to use and can soothe this symptom.

Follow Up With Eye Exams

Even though patients do not have a need for glasses or contacts after their LASIK procedures, regular eye exams are still essential to monitor your eye health and healing process. All eye doctors will recommend regular exams even if one has not had LASIK for the sake of monitoring their eye health. After your post-LASIK check-ups with your surgeon, you should continue to see your eye doctor yearly to monitor changes in your eyesight, as with age comes the possibility of cataracts and other common developments.

Receive LASIK From a Trusted Surgeon

Dr. Mattioli at Mattioli Vision Professionals has performed over 50,000 LASIK procedures and has over 18 years of vision correction experience. Not only will you receive top quality care, but you will receive top quality treatment and accommodation from friendly staff. Each laser eye surgery procedure takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes, with staff and Dr. Mattioli by your side to walk you through the entire process, from your first consultation to the day of the procedure and beyond. Now that you know what to expect after the procedure, from knowing how to wash your face after LASIK, to knowing what to avoid, you are one step closer to choosing LASIK vision correction.