Spring Eye Care Tips

With the arrival of spring (or early summer) in Texas, you may feel bombarded with all sorts of eye irritants. Considering all the pollen and sun exposure in the warmer months, our beloved city is practically a minefield for your eyes. Luckily, we came up with a few ways you can protect your eyes and combat those pesky allergy symptoms.


During the spring and summer months, sunglasses are a must. Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays which can play a part in the development of eye diseases such as cataracts or certain cancer-related conditions. Over time, the damage from ultraviolet light can accumulate and eventually leave you vulnerable to various risks later in life. We recommend choosing sunglasses that block up to 99 or 100% UV rays. Don’t be fooled by the actual darkness of the lenses, for their ability to block rays is based on the way they were manufactured.


Cleanliness is a great way to avoid unwanted eye irritations. By deep cleaning your home or workspace, you can greatly reduce the amount of pollen or other irritants your eyes are exposed to. Simply vacuum, mop, wipe down, or use an air purifier to clear these areas of airborne particles. Also, consider washing your hands more throughout the day since it can be tempting to rub your eyes when they’re feeling itchy (although, we strongly recommend against this).


During allergy season, pollen and other irritating particles can build up quickly on your contacts. If you choose to wear them, we suggest cleaning and changing them out more frequently. Although, with laser eye surgery, which is a safe and effective procedure, you’ll be able to avoid this issue and see clearer without the need of costly contacts or burdensome glasses.

Consider LASIK, PRK or SMILE

No matter your eye care needs, you can trust Mattioli Vision Professionals to provide the expert care you need to see brighter and clearer than ever before. Over his extensive career, Dr. Mattioli as performed over 50,000 laser vision corrections in Houston, TX along with his professional staff. Whether you’re tired of wearing glasses for your nearsightedness or require treatments for eye conditions like cataracts, have confidence you’ll receive the best care possible with Mattioli Vision Professionals.