What are the Benefits of EVO ICL Lens Implants?

LASIK gets all the attention, but it is not the only option for the 150 or more Americans suffering from refractive disorders. Many patients, for various reasons, are not good candidates for laser-based refractive surgeries, such as LASIK and PRK. But this isn’t a problem because Dr. Fred Mattioli is dedicated to devising the optimal solution for you.

And if you’re afflicted with a refractive error, like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, an implantable collamer lens (EVO ICL) may be the most effective choice to give you clear vision.

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What is an implantable collamer lens?

An implantable collamer lens is like a regular contact lens, but it sits inside the eye rather than on the outer surface. These EVO ICLs are implanted between your eye’s natural lens and the iris, or colored portion, and this surgery does not require the removal of any part of your eye. It doesn’t cause discomfort either since you will not feel the EVO ICL inside your eye.

All you’ll experience is brighter, crisper vision. Unlike conventional lenses, these don’t require any work on your part. You won’t have to take them out and put them back in or perform any sort of maintenance. And while they’re perfectly safe, they’re also easily removed if the need should ever arise; the same cannot be said of laser-based surgeries, which are not reversible.

What are the benefits of implantable collamer lenses?

The severity of a refractive error can also rule individuals out for laser-based techniques. This is not a problem with EVO ICLs, however, as they offer an excellent choice for patients with moderate-to-high myopia or nearsightedness. Additionally, you’ll benefit from vastly enhanced night vision, potentially to a greater degree than you would with a laser-based alternative. Patients are also less likely to develop dry eye syndrome.

EVO ICLs are also effective. Over the past 20 or so years that they’ve been in use, they have been clinically proven to be safe and to help patients achieve clarity. Not only that, but EVO ICLs have proven themselves in real-world use. They’re wonderful for assisting you with your daily tasks, making you more productive at work, improving your focus in academic settings, and making it easier to drive, hit the gym, or read.

EVO ICLs have also proven themselves in the most arduous scenarios possible – the military favors this vision-boosting technology for active-duty soldiers that constantly deal with the most demanding conditions one can imagine.

Enjoy the benefits of lenses without the drawbacks

To recap, EVO ICLs offer many benefits for a wide range of patients, especially those with thin corneas or other considerations that may preclude laser-based vision correction systems, like LASIK and PRK. EVO ICLs offer improved sight at all distances, even for patients with very high prescriptions. And, of course, there’s no maintenance, discomfort, or inconvenience to worry about.

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