What Refractive Errors Can be Corrected With LASIK?

Refractive errors are common in many people today, but many issues can be fixed with LASIK eye surgery. This simple procedure is safe and relatively painless. Dr. Fred Mattioli serves men and women in the Woodlands, Sugar Land, River Oaks, and West University areas of Houston, TX. Schedule a consultation with Mattioli Vision Professionals in Houston, TX today for a full consultation on the state of your ocular health.

What is LASIK, and what should I expect?

Since 1995, more than 20 million LASIK eye surgeries have been performed. This procedure uses laser technology to give you an alternative to prescription glasses and contact lenses. The procedure starts with numbing drops applied to the eyes. Then, your eyes will be cleaned and opened with a speculum made for eyelids.

A thin piece of corneal tissue is created using a microkeratome or a laser light source. The tissue is then lifted, and the laser reshapes the outer portion of your cornea. After your cornea is properly reshaped, the piece of tissue is put back onto its normal position.

The entire LASIK procedure takes around 15 minutes to complete. After your numbing drops wear off, you may experience slight burning or itching in your eyes. However, you should avoid rubbing your eyes as you risk damaging your corneal tissues. You may also experience blurry vision right after your treatment, but it should clear up by the next day.

What can be fixed with LASIK?

LASIK can fix multiple common eye disorders or refractive errors. This treatment may allow you to achieve 20/20 vision the day after your procedure. LASIK may be able to fix:

If you are suffering from one of these disorders, Dr. Mattioli may be able to help you. Contact Mattioli Vision Professionals in Houston, TX to learn how we can help you and your vision.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I am a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery? While many circumstances go into your candidacy, over 95% of people who wear corrective lenses qualify for LASIK.

Can I treat both of my eyes at the same time? Yes, both of your eyes, if they need treatment, can be done at the same time.

How soon after my procedure can I wear makeup? Usually, after the third day following your procedure, you may wear makeup if you apply it carefully and remove anything around your eyes.

When will I see the results? Many see results as soon as the procedure is finished, but your sight may still be foggy, and you will need a driver to get home from your appointment. By the next day, your sight should improve, and you may be able to drive.


When can I resume normal activities? By the day after your procedure, you should be able to go to work and resume normal activities.

Where can I get LASIK in Houston, TX?

LASIK can be used to treat many common refractive errors, like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Our offices serve the Woodlands, Sugar Land, River Oaks, and West University areas. Dr. Fred Mattioli can help you decide if LASIK eye surgery may be the right option for you. If you are concerned about the cost of LASIK, you can access our LASIK affordability calculator to see savings you’ll accumulate over time. Contact Mattoli Vision Professionals in Houston, TX today to learn how LASIK can help you.