All About Eye Floaters from the Experts at Mattioli Vision Professionals

Floaters in the eye can represent a minor annoyance or a major threat to your vision. Treatments for eye floaters can help you see more clearly and may prevent serious injury to your eyes. Working with an established eye surgeon can help you resolve eye floaters quickly to restore clear vision and improve your outlook on the world. Here are some key facts that everyone should know about floaters and their affect on eye health.

What Are Floaters?

Eye floaters typically occur when small pieces of the vitreous gel inside your eye detach from the rest of the fluid and move into your field of vision, blocking light from reaching your retinas. In some cases, you can see around these obstacles by turning your head or moving your eyes from side to side. If you have large or numerous floaters, however, you may experience impaired vision that can affect your everyday activities.

Some Floaters May Indicate a More Serious Problem

While most floaters are relatively harmless, others can be warning signs of damage to your eyes. A sudden increase in the number of floaters, especially when accompanied by flashing lights or a loss of peripheral vision, can be the initial signs of a detached retina or bleeding inside your eye. If you experience these symptoms, a visit to a laser eye surgery professional can provide expert help in addressing your eye care issues and protecting your vision from serious harm.