LASIK Compared to a Lifetime of Glasses & Contacts

Over time, glasses and contacts can end up costing a fortune compared to the one-time payment of LASIK eye surgery. With the following LASIK Affordability Calculator, you can determine how much exactly you spend on prescription eyewear each year. Experience the lifelong savings of LASIK today by scheduling a free consultation.

How Much Do I Spend on Glasses/Contact Lenses Each Year?

$50.00 USD
$200.00 USD
$39.00 USD
$150.00 USD
$200.00 USD

Amount I Spend Each Year on Glasses/Contacts: $2,518.00 USD

By the Time I Turn 50 I will have been Purchasing Glasses/Contacts for... 40 Years

Amount I Will Spend on Glasses/Contact Lenses By the Time I Turn 50: $100,720.00 USD

So, If I Am A Candidate, Can I Afford to Have LASIK Surgery?

$2,400.00 USD
$150.00 USD

Amount I Could Save on Glasses/Contacts by having LASIK Surgery... $70,890.00 USD