The Cost Range for LASIK in Houston, TX:

In Houston, the standard cost for LASIK surgery is between $2,000 to $3,200 per eye.

The consensus-based range for average costs in Texas by regional breakdown are:

  • Houston: $2,500
  • Dallas: $2,500
  • San Antonio: $2,750
  • Austin: $3,300

These costs are slightly higher than the national average of $2246 per eye. 

Factors that Affect Cost of LASIK

In general, the cost of LASIK nationwide can vary from $1,000 to $3,000 per eye; some complex procedures can cost significantly more. The factors that determine the overall cost of your surgery include the following:

  • The skill and experience of your Houston based LASIK surgeon can play a role in the amount you are asked to pay for your LASIK procedure. In general, surgeons who have built a positive reputation in their fields may charge somewhat more as a result of the high demand for their services in the medical marketplace.
  • The amount of vision correction needed may also factor in to the overall cost of LASIK. If you have extremely poor eyesight, the procedures required to correct your vision to an acceptable level may be more complex and demanding, leading to increased costs in many cases.
  • The equipment used to perform laser eye surgery procedures can be quite expensive. Modern equipment, however, can generally produce much more accurate surgical results. Investing a little more for treatment from a surgeon who uses up-to-date equipment can pay off in improved vision and reduced risk for you.
  • Your Houston, TX eye surgeon can provide you with added information about the projected LASIK eye surgery cost and about what to expect before, during, and after LASIK surgery.

Breakdown of LASIK Cost Components:

  • Professional fees: This includes the surgeon and their assistants.
  • Technology fees: Covers the laser equipment and operating room usage.
  • Vision tests: Scans, topographies, and exams pre-surgery.
  • Medications: Typically, anesthetic eye drops.
  • Follow-up visits: Most clinics include 3-6 follow-up visits in the initial cost.

The Value of LASIK Surgery

LASIK eye surgery offer a number of benefits for patients, including the following:

  • Clear vision all the time with no need for contact lenses or eyeglasses
  • Improved physical appearance and comfort
  • Financial freedom from regular eyeglass purchases and contact lens care products
  • Improved ability to participate in athletic activities and sports competitions without worry about losing a contact or breaking your glasses

By opting for this advanced method of vision correction, you can enjoy all of these benefits for a relatively small investment in time and money. At Mattioli Vision Professionals, we do our best to make your procedure affordable while our LASIK surgeons deliver the best care in the Houston LASIK surgery marketplace. Our board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Fred Mattioli, has built his reputation on providing patients with the most practical and cost-effective options for permanent vision correction in the Houston area. If you are considering a LASIK procedure, give us a call to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to the opportunity to help you see more clearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

No Interest For 12 Months

At Mattioli Vision Professionals, we offer advanced vision correction procedures at competitive prices. In fact, our bladeless LASIK procedure is backed by a price match guarantee. If you find a certified ophthalmologist in Houston, TX that offers cheaper modern LASIK surgery, our team will gladly match their price to ensure you receive the best care possible.

*Price is matched for modern LASIK technology only. Certain restrictions may apply. Talk to a representative for more details.

Pay Less Than The Cost Of Glasses & Contacts

Over a lifetime, glasses and contacts can end up costing you a sizeable fortune. On average, a new pair of glasses is needed every two years, which can balloon up to $2,500 over 10 years. Moreover, a 12-month supply of contacts can end up costing you over $300 a year. Since LASIK lasts a lifetime, it’s easy to see the financial benefits of vision correction compared to the never-ending cycle of glasses and contacts.

**Based on average lifetime expenses of glasses & contacts.

Try our LASIK Cost Calculator to see how much you can save with LASIK!

How to Get the Best Price on LASIK Surgery:

  • Research experienced, reputable surgeons: Reputation matters.
  • Compare costs and patient reviews locally: This gives a sense of the market rate and quality.
  • Look for LASIK deals, coupons, and monthly payment financing: Some clinics offer promotions.
  • Get all cost details upfront in writing: This ensures no hidden fees.

Understanding the Cost of LASIK in Houston

The cost of LASIK in Houston, as elsewhere, is influenced by a myriad of factors. While price is a consideration, your unique eye anatomy, the technology required, and the skill of the surgeon are the most important components in determining pricing. 

Remember, it’s malpractice to perform LASIK on someone who is unsuitable for the procedure, so as long as you are working with a reputable provider in Houston such as Mattioli Vision, you can be rest assured your vision and well-being are being prioritized and are the number one priority. 

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