Vision Correction - Houston Eye Surgery

We know the inconvenience and hassle glasses and contacts create for daily activities.

  • Experience – over 50,000 treatments
  • Proven technology for better vision
  • Greater safety
  • More precise
  • Customized
  • More comfortable

There are several treatment options, including Laser (LASIK, PRK) and a variety of lenses such as the advanced ICL with superior night vision, already used by 3000 active US Army soldiers from Fort Bragg and Fort Hood.

Have you been told you’re NOT a LASIK candidate? There are options. ICL or lens implant procedures with Dr Mattioli may provide better outcomes for you. To see if you are a candidate for extremely successful vision correction procedures, such as LASIK or ICL, call us for an evaluation today. 713-PRO-EYES (776-3937)