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Are your eyes sensitive to light? Have you become increasingly nearsighted over the years? If you are experiencing these types of symptoms, you may be suffering from an eye condition called keratoconus.

You might not understand what keratoconus is all about or how it can develop, but it is a serious concern that can harm your eyes if left untreated. If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of keratoconus, Dr. Fred Mattioli and the expert team at Mattioli Vision Professionals in Houston, TX can treat your keratoconus symptoms at any stage of the condition.

What is keratoconus?

Keratoconus is an eye condition where the cornea develops irregularities on its surface. The cornea may become thin, producing a cone shape, and the surface is unable to focus on the light, which can lead to vision loss. The cornea loses collagen during keratoconus, and there may be an imbalance between the production and destruction of corneal cells.

What are the common symptoms of keratoconus?

The most common symptom of keratoconus is increased sensitivity to light. The issue becomes worse when the light is brighter.

Your general vision may also start to weaken and become clouded, or you may notice some halos or glares around lights. Eye irritation may also be a common concern, and you may experience headaches.

When will you notice these symptoms?

Keratoconus starts at puberty in most situations. It becomes more prominent in your 30s, although it develops differently in all people. It also impacts both eyes, but one eye may be impacted more than the other.

How can you tell you have keratoconus?

If you feel like you may be suffering from keratoconus, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mattioli at Mattioli Vision Professionals in Houston, TX for a complete and thorough eye exam.

Corneal topography will be necessary at the start. A scanner will review the corneal tissue and produce an image showing its curve. The design identifies possible early signs of keratoconus.

A slit-lamp exam may also be necessary. The review focuses on the middle layers of the cornea, helping review potential concerns.

Keratoconus treatments in Houston, TX

Keratoconus can be a worrisome condition, but it doesn’t have to dominate your life. The treatment necessary for keratoconus will vary depending on the intensity of the condition, with more invasive treatments necessary when the issue advances further.

Prescription eyewear can help at the start, but advanced cases of keratoconus will require laser surgery. Liquid riboflavin can be applied over the cornea surface, and an ultraviolet laser will go over the cornea to administer the riboflavin solution to the tissue. The procedure helps restore natural collagen production in the cornea. The laser also reduces potential swelling or other issues in the eye.

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