Sean Jones’ Custom LASIK Testimony

Sean Jones is a former NFL player for the Los Angeles Raiders, Houston Oilers, and the Green Bay Packers. In 1997, he won Super Bowl XXXI with the Packers and has continued to inspire others by becoming a co-host on SportsTalk 790. The other day he undertook another incredible feat – losing his glasses and contacts by receiving custom LASIK surgery at Mattioli Vision Professionals. It seems like everyone has their breaking point after using reading glasses for several years and Sean was no different. After struggling years with his readers, he decided to take the leap and get the procedure done. Here are a few highlights from the procedure and why he thinks Dr. Mattioli is the real MVP.

The Struggle with Reading Glasses

Let’s face it – there’s nothing convenient about reading glasses. They’re cheaply made, uncomfortable, costly, and end up breaking or getting lost all too often. Even Big Game winner Sean Jones had these same issues and turned to Mattioli Vision Professionals to receive a free LASIK consultation for his farsightedness. It wasn’t long until he saw the MVP difference for himself.


The Personalized Experience

In order to achieve 20/20 vision, Sean Jones knew he had to go to the best ophthalmologist Houston has to offer. Dr. Mattioli and his professional staff, many of whom have been working with him for over 10 years, offered Sean the personalized experience he needed. During his consultation, he was impressed by how the process wasn’t cookie cutter and was based on his personal needs.


The Customized Solution

Each pair of eyes is different. In fact, each individual eye is unique in its own way. Because of this, it’s important to develop a custom LASIK plan based on the specific needs of each person. Sean Jones further elaborates on how Dr. Mattioli and his staff fine-tuned the process to ensure he was a good LASIK candidate and the procedure would be customized to him. Through various optical tests, they were able to determine the exact type of LASIK procedure required.


The Detailed Plan

When it comes to LASIK – when it comes to your eyes—perfection is key. Your eyes aren’t something to play around with. They’re your windows to the world. This is why you should choose “hands your eyes can trust,” which is how Sean Jones described Dr. Mattioli and his expert staff. After a detailed consultation and personalized plan, Sean received the confidence he needed to take on the surgery and finally lose the glasses and contacts.


The Day of the Surgery

On the day of the surgery, Sean Jones felt a little anticipation. Not for the surgery itself, but for the moment he’s been waiting for—to finally receive clearer vision without prescription glasses or contacts. Any bit of nervousness was washed away by the long and personalized consultation processes he went through and had a good idea of what the end result would be. In fact, for several days he wore special contacts that mimicked what the post-procedure would look like until his eyes had fully healed. After all this preparation, he was finally ready to experience the freedom of LASIK surgery.


The Post Operation

After fifteen short minutes, Sean Jones was back in the interview chair. As he describes, he felt no pain during the procedure – only some mild pressure because his eyes were numb. At first, his vision appeared blurry but then quickly began to focus. During the procedure, Dr. Mattioli used a state-of-the-art laser light source known as a microkeratome to shape the outer areas of Sean’s cornea after a thin flap above it was pulled back. Since Sean is farsighted, the cornea was shaped to be steeper so it could properly focus light. After the laser was finished, the cornea flaps were laid back into place so they could begin to heal. Sean was even given some cool sunglasses to keep his sensitive eyes from being exposed to excessive light. That’s it! Fifteen minutes, two eyes, and countless years of living glasses free!

You don’t need to win the Big Game to receive outstanding LASIK services; you just need to make a call to one of the city’s most renowned ophthalmologists – Mattioli Vision Professionals. Schedule a free consultation today and get a one-on-one examination with Dr. Mattioli. An expert in ophthalmology, he’s performed over 65,000 laser refractive treatments and hundreds of cataract/implant procedures since 2001. No matter the condition of your vision, we can evaluate your eyes and find a treatment or procedure that best suits you. Don’t second guess with your vision; open your eyes to greatness with Mattioli Vision Professionals.