Patients who invest in LASIK eye surgery can expect some significant changes in their lifestyles after these procedures. Most patients enjoy the added convenience and freedom that LASIK can provide; in fact, a three-year study published in the scholarly journal Ophthalmology in March 2016 indicated that 88 percent of LASIK patients reported strong satisfaction with their results after these surgeries. Here are six of the most important changes cited by patients after their LASIK procedures.

Watching Television in Bed

Wearing glasses or contact lenses to bed can be uncomfortable. LASIK patients can enjoy clear vision 24/7 without the pressure and annoyance of glasses against noses and cheeks and without the discomfort of dry eyes in the morning. This added convenience and comfort can make a real difference in everyday routines and can allow added entertainment options during the evening hours.

Reduced Costs for Clear Vision

The expenses associated with contacts and eyeglasses can add up to a considerable sum over the course of an average year. Changing prescriptions and replacement of broken glasses can potentially cost patients hundreds of dollars for each occurrence. Even apart from the expense of disposable lenses, contact lens solutions can represent a significant investment in both time and money. By scheduling a LASIK procedure with an experienced Houston eye surgeon, patients can eliminate these ongoing costs and enjoy clear vision 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Improved Eyesight for Sports Activities

LASIK can make it possible to exercise, run or participate in other athletic activities without the inconvenience of contact lenses or eyeglasses. Swimmers and divers can enjoy clear vision underwater without the need for costly prescription goggles or the risk of losing contact lenses in the pool, on the beach or in the water. This can add up to improved performance and increased comfort for those who enjoy staying fit by participating in these physical endeavors.

Enhanced Appearance

Freedom from eyeglasses can allow LASIK patients to take greater pride in their appearance. For women, this can allow added focus on the eyes when applying makeup and enhanced options for highlighting these expressive features. Men and women alike can enjoy the cosmetic benefits of LASIK at home, at work and at play.

Increased Options for Sunglasses

After LASIK, patients who previously wore prescription eyeglasses can choose from a wider range of sunglasses to protect their eyes against the damaging rays of the sun and to complement a variety of apparel selections. This can allow quick replacement of sunglasses on vacation or as an impulse purchase without worry about prescriptions or vision correction on the go.

Clearer Vision

Of course, the most important benefit of LASIK is the ability to see clearly from the moment patients awaken in the morning until they fall asleep at night. Most people report much clearer vision after LASIK surgery than they experienced when wearing contacts or eyeglasses. This improvement in visual acuity can provide added help in everyday situations:

  • Driving on Houston streets and highways
  • Reading meeting agendas and viewing slideshows
  • Watching movies, especially those with subtitles
  • Enjoying the scenic beauty of the Lone Star State

By opting for LASIK, patients can enjoy the sharpest vision possible. This can ensure greater safety and comfort during a wide range of routine activities.