LASIK Affordability Calculator

LASIK Compared to a Lifetime of Glasses & Contacts

Over time, glasses and contacts can end up costing a fortune compared to the one-time payment of LASIK eye surgery . With the following LASIK Affordability Calculator, you can determine how much exactly you spend on prescription eyewear each year. Experience the lifelong savings of LASIK today by scheduling a free consultation.

How Much Do I Spend on Glasses/Contact Lenses Each Year?

$50.00 USD
$200.00 USD
$15.00 USD
$150.00 USD
$200.00 USD

Amount I Spend Each Year on Glasses/Contacts: $2,230.00 USD

By the Time I Turn 50 I will have been Purchasing Glasses/Contacts for… 45 Years

Amount I Will Spend on Glasses/Contact Lenses By the Time I Turn 50: $100,350.00 USD

So, If I Am A Candidate, Can I Afford to Have LASIK Surgery?

$2,400.00 USD
$150.00 USD

Amount I Could Save on Glasses/Contacts by having LASIK Surgery… $62,250.00 USD

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