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LASIK surgery is a life-changing procedure that can help correct your vision and remove the need for eyeglasses or contacts. It is also a convenient procedure, as the recovery time isn’t as long as you would expect. You’ll be able to see clearly about a day after the process, although the timeframe will vary by person.

You will still need to wear sunglasses after LASIK surgery. You won’t have to wear them forever, but you will need them after the procedure to protect your eyes. Dr. Fred Mattioli and the expert team at Mattioli Vision Professionals in Houston, TX want you to prepare for what to expect following the process.

Why keep the eyes in the dark after the procedure?

Your eyes must stay in the dark for the rest of the day after your LASIK procedure. The eyes must not be exposed to bright lights at this point, as the flap produced by the laser incision needs time to heal. Any exposure to bright lights could damage the incision.

Protect your eyes from outside threats

Your sunglasses are necessary for keeping light from entering the eyes. But they also help prevent outside materials from getting in the eyes. Irritants and allergens will not enter the eyes, keeping you from having to rub your eyes or applying undue pressure on them. The protection is critical for ensuring the LASIK flap can heal.

When can I stop wearing sunglasses?

While you can get back to your regular routine in a few days after the LASIK procedure, you’ll still need to wear your sunglasses for at least a week after the process. While the flap may feel as though it has healed all the way, it may still experience some irritation and discomfort. Your sunglasses will reduce the threat from these concerns in Woodlands, Sugar Land, River Oaks, West University, and Houston, TX.

Do I need to still wear them after that first week?

You don’t necessarily have to wear those sunglasses after the first week following the procedure, but Dr. Mattioli encourages you to consider continuing to wear them anyway. Your eyes can be sensitive to various bright lights regardless of whether or not you’ve undergone a LASIK service. Sunglasses can block UV rays from entering the eyes in Houston. TX.

What type of sunglasses will I need?

The sunglasses you wear following LASIK should be comfortable and easy to wear. We recommend sunglasses that produce enough of a shield over your eyes that outside items won’t enter them.

The sunglasses should also provide UV protection to prevent these rays from entering your eyes. Polarized lenses also help, as they reduce eye strain and fatigue by blocking glare from horizontal rays. Vertical rays will go through the lenses, helping you see things well but without the glare from the other rays.

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