The Implantable Collamer (Contact) Lens procedure performed by Dr. Mattioli can produce exceptional outcomes in vision quality, comfort, and an improved lifestyle with freedom from contact lenses and glasses. Dr. Mattioli initially worked with this lens in 2000 and it was approved by the FDA in 2005.

This is the human eye. Wonderfully designed from retina to iris, to pupil, to cornea. Each playing its part, ultimately, so we can see. And we all want to see clearly so we can explore the things around us, and vividly, so we can notice even the slightest details. When working optimally, the human eyes sends brilliant images to our brains, not just so we can better understand the world before us, or enjoy and participate in the world around us, but ultimately to inspire the world within us. Our eyes are the windows to our souls. They give meaning to beauty at every glance. And you deserve to see it in stunning detail with the Visian EVO ICL procedure, it’s possible. See what Visian EVO ICL can do for you today.

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