Understand the dangers your eyes are exposed to when wearing contacts.

For years, contact lenses have been widely used to correct one’s vision, but some people may be unaware of how harmful they can become when not used properly. Contacts may seem like a practical way to correct your vision, but misusing them can lead to discomfort or even keratitis (a corneal inflammation). In an effort to promote proper eye health, here are a few harmful effects of contact lenses.

Sleeping with Contacts

In a recent report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they stated that 99% of the contact users they surveyed admitted to at least one daily habit that put their eyes at risk for infection. One of which was keeping them in while sleeping. By sleeping with your contacts in, you are depriving your eyes of oxygen, which can eventually cause a great deal of discomfort and potential infection. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for contact users to wake up with dry eyes and blurred vision. If you wish to continue wearing contact lenses, we highly recommend taking them out before you go to bed.

Swimming or Showering with Contacts

It’s not uncommon for contact users to take a dip in the pool or a shower with their lenses on. During the summer months, it seems natural to take a casual swim, but you should be aware that exposing certain types of water to your contact lenses may put your eyes at risk. Contacts can easily absorb water and are vulnerable to certain chemicals and/or impurities found in tap water and pool water. The lenses can begin to swell and change shape, which could lead to discomfort or other eye-related issues.

Wearing Contacts Past Their Expiration Date

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people use contacts past their expiration date in an effort to save money. At any rate, doing so could expose your eyes to all sorts of harmful bacteria. Over time, germs can build up and lead to discomfort – or in more serious cases – infection. For similar reasons, we recommend cleaning out your contact case every day to prevent bacteria from building up.